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Grigory Petrovich Pilipchuk, Director General

The South-Urals Machine Building Plant is one of the leading Russian enterprises in heavy machinery and a leader in production of loading and homogenization equipment.

Production facilities of the enterprise include the following main and auxiliary sections: metallurgical, welding, mechanical assembly and mill rolls production facilities.

YuUMZ (formerly YuzhUralMash) was founded in 1942 as the Orsk Heavy Machine-Building Plant. It features 70 years of successful market experience in manufacturing and selling the loading, homogenizing, agglomerating, steel-melting, rolling-mill and other kinds of equipment.

An advantageous geographical position of the plant on the border between Europe and Asia offers convenient access to most of its customers in the Urals, Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and India. Machinery and equipment produced at YuUMZ keep performing in a stable reliable way at metallurgical, mining enterprises, fuel and energy enterprises in more than 30 countries of Europea, Asia, Africa, the CIS and Russia.

Innovation in engineering and design and unique production skills lie at the heart of sustainable development of YuUMZ providing an undeniable competitive advantage to the enterprise.

Unique custom-made equipment occupies quite a niche in the enterprise output. Our knowledge and experience, continuous development of production facilities make it possible to upgrade technical and maintenance characteristics of machinery produced and meet practically every consumer demand for our products.