Holding companies

The Limited Liability Railroad Service Company

Vladimir Nikiforovich Luchkin, Director General

The Limited Liability Railroad Service Company (SZhK LLC) was created on November 30, 2012.

SZhK LLC was created to improve the quality of customer service in maintenance and repair of rolling stock using advanced technologies and information management systems and to optimize production costs.

All the activities at SZhK LLC are based on principles of quality, reliability, dynamic development and civilized methods of doing business.

Today SZhK LLC services about 45,000 railcars, and the number of railcars being serviced increases every month.

OAO SZhK provides freight car services using automated monitoring system and pursuant to contracts with railcar repair enterprises. We carry out the following kinds of services:

  • organization of railcar repairs (depot-based, capital overhaul, maintenance repairs-2, maintenance repairs-1, other types of repairs of any degree of complexity), interaction with other railcar repair enterprises according to signed contracts;

  • annual dispatcher control of railcar movement across the Russian Federation and the CIS using the ASU TK Train Car Monitoring System;

  • supervising compliance with recommended railcar mileage to plan maintenance repairs;

  • servicing railcars which underwent planned repairs at railcar repair companies and were manufactured by railcar plants, including plants in CIS member states;

  • supervising compliance with all the regulations issued by Rostransnadzor Federal Service for Supervision in Transport; identification of clients’ railcars that fall under the regulations. Interaction with manufacturers of railcars on behalf of the customers for replacement of parts;

  • Analytical work on planning repair works for the upcoming period (month, year, full railcar service life);

  • Organizing replacement of expensive parts and units at market prices; preliminary expedient consultations with railcar owners on conditions of their delivery;

  • Accounting of numbered parts and units used in production, organizing their secure storage (the list of parts to be discussed separately with each customer);

  • Organizing temporary parking of railcars on RZhD LLC network tracks (as per centralized contract with RZhD OJSC), plus non-common use rail tracks. SZhK LLC is ready to organize temporary railcar parking in other regions, if necessary for the customer;

  • Timely collection and provision of primary documentation for services;

  • Preparation of documents for transfer of railcars to operation, interaction with the Russian Railways Committee and cooperation with the Central Computer Center of RZhD OJSC to facilitate fast transition of railcars back into operation;

  • Registration and assignment of railcars using modern hardware and software applications.

SZhK LLC has all the necessary resources to service freight railcars, including expert staff, dispatcher service, ASU TK railcar tracking application and all the necessary contracts with railcar repair enterprises.