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Link to JSC Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant

Oleg Vladimirovich Shevchenko, Director General.

Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant is a modern manufacturing facility that produces freight cars, electric heating and welding equipment.

The enterprise manufactures covered railcars (models 11-9962, 11-9962-01), drop bottom gondola cars (model 12-132), 80-feet fitting platforms (model 13-9975), 40-feet universal platforms (model 13-9990-01), molten sulfur rail tank cars (model 15-9544), freight bogies (models 18-100, 18-194-1) and our own wheel pairs.

Also manufactured were pilot batches of 1435 mm track dumpcars (model 31-1556) and hopper wagons (model 19-9963) for delivery to consumers in the far abroad.       

The company continuously increases the assortment of manufactured products. Currently work is underway to certify and start production of freight platforms for transportation of coiled steel (models 13-9599-01, 13-9599-02), gondola cars of higher capacity (model 12-196-01), and innovative covered railcars of increased holding capacity (model 11-6882).

In 2016 the enterprise intends to start producing specialized rail tank cars for sulfuric acid, oleum, liquefied gases, oil and benzene products and methanol, and universal innovative higher capacity rail tank cars for 57 different chemicals.


  • manufactures parts and units of different types and sizes in the shortest time possible;
  • guarantees high quality of products manufactured using new technologies;
  • produces the entire range of freight car products;
  • is a reliable performer;
  • offers the possibility of fast changeover of equipment for manufacturing new products.

Technical capabilities of the company manufacturing facilities make it capable of producing both a broad range of freight-car products and other heavy machinery as well.

High professionalism of NMZ JSC design department, which works in close cooperation with Science and Engineering Center of RailTransHolding Management Company LLC, allows the company to meet the needs of most demanding customers, offering them services in design and production of efficient high-quality products.

The enterprise works on introducing a quality management system in accordance with the international ISO standards.