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Oleg Vladimirovich Shevchenko, Director General  

The Armavir Train Car Repair Depot Limited Liability Company (AVRD LLC) 1532 carries out a full range of rolling stock repair services:

  • depot repairs of gondola cars, container platforms, mineral cars, universal open freight cars, cement cars, metal box cars, oil rail tank cars (boiler repairs not included);
  • capital repairs of mineral freight cars, container platforms;
  • maintenance of all types of railcars;
  • repairs of wheel sets.

AVRD follows stringent requirements on the quality of rolling stock repairs.

The necessary equipment is installed in all parts of the enterprise, which guarantees maximum efficiency and effectiveness of every operation.

All the facilities are equipped with all the necessary process equipment, measuring, control and testing instruments necessary for maintenance and repairs of rolling stock used on railways in accordance with the respective technological process.

The depot has an access route of 1362 meters.

We approach each our customer individually.

Depot repairs last no longer than 5 days, capital overhaul - 7 days, and current maintenance repairs - 3 days (including delivery and cleaning).

All the necessary parts, equipment and fittings are available.