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Grin Andrey Alexandrovich, Director

The Armavir Machine-Building Plant, branch of Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant is located in the city of Armavir, Krasnodar Krai, Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation. It is a modern competitive machine-building plant, which produces freight cars, strain-gauge balances for weighing large vehicles and railcars.

The plant has certified production of covered railcars (model 11-1807, body volume 138 m3) and covered railcars (model 11-9962, body volume 157.5 m3) with improved operational characteristics.  Building is in full command of strain-gauge balances for static weighing of heavy duty trucks of scale capacity of 40, 60 and 80 tons, and of freight railcars with scale capacity of 150 tons.

In 2016 the plant intends to expand production of freight railcars, such as covered railcars of 11-9962-01 model with increased carrying capacity, innovative railcar of 11-6882 model with its body volume of 161 m3 and 11-6891 model of increased holding capacity of 202 m3.

The plant will also begin producing truck strain-gauge balances to meet the market demand for axle weighing of vehicles in motion.

The Armavir Machine-Building Plant, branch of Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant is located in the city of Armavir is a modern machine-building plant that manufactures freight railcars. It features:

- a team of professionals, responsible and disciplined;

- sports an innovative mindset that promotes an ongoing development program and facilitates  implementing every adopted solution - from ideas to results;

- traditions and mutual responsibility of managers and staff for the quality of their products produced using cutting-edge technologies;

- partnership with suppliers and consumers in the spirit of goodwill and mutual guarantees;

- capability to manufacture the entire range of products and do fast changeovers to new ones.

The enterprise equipment and technology can cope with manufacturing a broad range of heavy machinery and equipment.

The plant was founded and started working in 1977 as a manufacturer of heavy duty scales. In 2003-2005 the enterprise was refurbished to produce freight railcars: box cars, gondola cars, open freight cars, PCCs.

To succeed in designing cutting-edge products the plant relies on many years of experience in freight-car building and cooperates closely with the Science and Engineering Center of RailTransHolding Management Company LLC, an expert design and construction center in freight car manufacturing.

AMZ pays special attention to hiring and retaining staff, creating staff reserves, in-service training of workers and engineers and social support of plant employees.

Company products are sold in the Russian Federation and FSU countries. The enterprise cooperates effectively with its customers by meeting all its contractual obligations and manufacturing high quality products.