Address: Building 1, 18 Andropov avenue, 115432 Moscow, Russia

Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 921-05-70; +7 (495) 921-05-71



METRO: Technopark

To get to Newton Business Center, exit from the Metro in the direction of Nagatino i-Land Technopark, turn right and walk toward the nearest office building.


By car:

When driving uptown: before the Nagatino Metro bridge, turn right from Prospekt Andropova to the embankment;

When driving downtown: turn right towards the embankment from the Metro Bridge, turn right on the embankment (with the river on your left), proceed until the next turn. At the next turn to the right, go to gate 4, with the sign “Штаб строительства № 1.” (Construction HQ #1)