Conveyor-type machine for slag casting

Conveyor-type machine for slag casting is designed for reception of liquid slag run temperature of which is not more than 1200°C, slag cooling up to its bridging, slag discharging into collecting bin with subsequent periodic discharging of slag in railway cars.

Engineering data name МКРШ-12 МКРШ-45
Capacity, t /hour 12 45
Ingot capacity, cub. dm 3,34 8,21
Process filling of ingots, cub. dm, not more than 3,2 7,9
Ingot travel speed, m/min 1,11; 0,555 3,285; 5,84
Chain pitch, m 0,32 0,34
Collecting bin capacity, cub. m, not more than 30 -
Weight of machine with electrical equipment, kg, not more than 102,7 473,4