Converter dust cap

Converter gas cap is designed for reception of gases in the process of converting copper and nickel matte and withdrawal in gas duct, as well as for primary dust arresting. Dust cap is composed of water-cooled stationary part, connected with workshop gas duct, and water-cooled moving (slewing) part, located over converter mouth. Dust cap stationary part is based on special metal structure.

Engineering data name Value
Area, m2:
– at the inlet of gases 14,04
– at the outlet of gases 10
Total area of water-cooled caissons, m2 100
Specific water discharge, m3/h m3 3
Overall water consumption, m3/h m2 300
Water pressure in caissons, MPa (kg/cm2) 0,15 (1,5 )
Entering water temperature, °С, not more than 20
Outlet water temperature, °С, not more than 40
Draining water temperature at alerting, °С 45