Hot-metal ladle car

Hot-metal ladle car is designed to transfer ladle with liquid iron out of mixer department into converter workshop charging bay by means of railway hauling equipment.

Engineering data name Hot-metal ladle car 100 t Hot-metal ladle car 140 t
Ladle capacity, t 100 140
Travel speed, km/h 15 5
Dead-weight load on the axis, tf. 40 53,5
Hot-metal ladle car length along the axis of automatic coupling, mm 8200 9000
Hot-metal ladle car framework, mm 4200
Car framework, mm 1300 1500
Maximum track lifting 0,005 0,004
Track bending radius, m, not less than 75 75
Number of loaded hot-metal ladle car, transferred in train simultaneously до 5 до 5
Ladle weight with cast iron, m 130 180