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Ball mills with center discharge

MBC (МШЦ) – type ball mills with center discharge are designed for cooper-molybdenum ore and ferrous metals and nonferrous metal ores and other ore materials on concentrating mills. MBC mills are used in single – and multi stage grinding units for crushed ore grinding of 5-30 mm lump size and other materials up to 0, 05 mm of lump size. МBC mills operate in closed cycle with sorting units and in open cycle.

Designation МШЦ 2,1х3,0 МШЦ 3,2х3,8 МШЦ 2,1х2,2
Drum inside diameter (without lining), D, mm 2100 3200 2100
Drum length (without lining), L, mm 3000 3800 2200
Drum nominal volume, V, m³, 5% 10,4
Electric motor:

— power, kW 200 630
— speed, rpm 750 167 750
Weight of mill without lubrication and electric equipment, foundation
reinforcement rods, mechanical equipment and noise control devices,
grinding bodies, t, not more than
48 66 44,5