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Tube ball mills

Tube ball mills are used for dry and wet grinding of basic material and cement clinker grinding with additions in cement production, different ore grinding and useful non-metallic products in open and closed cycle. Mills are also used in constructional material production, ore mining, mining and chemical and other industries for grinding of refectory materials, fertilizers, base metals concentration. The mill material is brought into mill chamber of the mill drum for grinding. In time of drum rotary the material is grinding from the shocks and friction of grinding bodies. Tube ball mills are notable for the high reliability of exploitation, simple design, high efficiency and safety in operation. The mills are good with non grinding bodies in mill material. Milling capacity depends on the mill material characteristics (hardness, crushing capacity) size of the material at a moment of input, humidity of the material, fineness of grinding, feeding equability, mill filling with grinding bodies and material.