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Jaw Crushers

The jaw crushers are used for primary crushing and secondary crushing of granite, basalt, sandstone and other rock formation with compressing resistance up to 300 MPa. It is used in mining, non metallic, chemical and other industries. Jaw crushers are characterized by simple design, overall efficiency and stay-put features. All jaw crushers are equipped with output slit adjustment element. Quick and safety adjustment is performed (in some jaw crushers it can be performed with labor non-stop). The crushers can be produced by single unit or in assembly with aggregates. The aggregate includes the jaw crusher, space frame, operating platform and electric equipment. The aggregate design enables to simplify the base construction to the max and to combine al the components of production lines. This makes a possibility to compose particularly any line within the bounds of the given equipment characteristics. According to the Customer’s choice this kind of equipment can be designed and manufactured of any other capacity.

Jaw crusher  dimension  type
СМД 110 (ЩДС 6х10) СМД 111 (ЩДП 9х12) СМД118(ЩДП 12х15)
Exit slot width range of control, mm
75…150 95…165 115-195
Output, m3/h, no more than
115 180 310
Feeding lump size, no more than, mm
500 750 1000
Specified electric motor power, kW
75 90 160
Weight with electrical equipment and kit spare
parts, t, no more than
24 67,6 133,6

* according the configuration