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Tank car of model 15-9544 intended for transporting molten sulphur

Intended for transporting molten sulphur.

Improved heat-insulation allows cargo to maintained in a hot state for up to 10 days. Sophisticated heating system greatly reduces energy expenditures.

Increased axial load (maximum static load onto axis of 25.0 tf) provides for transporting cargo in the amount 390 t more as compared with cars with an axial load of 23.5 t/axle in the rolling stock of 71 conventional cars.

Exactly meeting the requirements of the Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail, the tank car has a great number of innovations that take account of operational experience and the trends in the development of special-purpose rolling stock. Reduced rates greatly reduce the car’s recoupment period.

Parameter names Parameter value
Loadingcapacity, t 71,5
Containerweight, t 28,1
Boilerspace, m3 42,15
Length along automatic coupling engagement axes, mm 12020
Carbase, mm 7800
Assignedservicelife, years 32
Maximum design statical load from wheel set on tracks, kN (ton-force) 245 (25)
Design speed, km/h 120
Tank-loading/unloadingoperation Overtype
Energyinput, kW 90