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Platformcar of model 13-9975

The platform car is designed to transport large-tonnage containers according to GOST R 51876 (ISO1496-1) series 1ISO: of standard sizes 1 AAA, 1АА, 1 А, 1 АХ, 1ВВВ, 1ВВ, 1 В, 1BX, 1СС, 1 С, 1СХ, 1 ЕЕ, 1ЕЕЕ with gross weight up to 30.48 t on 1520 mm track gage railways.

Parameter names Parameter value
Loadingcapacity, t 70
Containerweight, t 23,7±0,3
Design static load from wheel set onto tracks, kN (ton-force) 230 (23,5)
Length along automatic coupling engagement axes, mm 25690
Platformcarbase, mm 19000±10
Width of platform car base, mm 3062
Clearance limit as per GOST 9238 1-Т
Design speed, km/h 120