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Hopper metering car of model 19-9963

A hopper metering car is a self-unloading special-purpose car intended for transporting all types of ballast not requiring cover from precipitation on railroads, for power-operated unloading and simultaneous loading of ballast for transportation with metering and spreading on a track skeleton.

Parameter names Parameter value
Loadingcapacity, t 64,5
Weight (container), t, maximum 25,5
Minimum 24,0
Load: wheel set axle to track, kN (ton-force) 220,5 (22,5)
Maximum technical speed as part of train, km/h 90
Speed during unloading, m/s (km/h) 0,8… 1,4(3… 5)
Clearance limit as per GOST 9238 1-Т
Length along automatic coupling engagement axes, mm 12100
Width, mm, maximum 3206
Carbodyvolume, m3
Piled 50
not-piled 44,5
Height of metering from rail head top level, mm
Minimum track curve radius, m
Methods for unloading ballast from the hopper car

-    into midway between rails

-    to both sides of the track at the same time

-    into midway and to both sides of the track at the same time

-    to one side of the track

Assignedservicelife, years