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The tank car for industrial sulphuric acid of model 15-9544-02

The eight-wheel tank car is intended for transportation of the industrial sulphuric acid on 1,520 mm track gage main-line railways.

Use of innovative bogies in the tank car with maximum static load onto axis of 25.0 tf has allowed increase of transported cargo weight to 76.5 t with container weight of 23.1 t.

Parameter names
Parameter value  
Track gage, mm
Weight (container), t
Loading capacity, t
Design static load from wheel set onto tracks, kN (tf)
245 (25)
Boiler space, m3
Maximum technical speed as part of train, km/h 120
Clearance limit as per GOST 9238 02-ВМ
Boiler inside diameter, mm 2300
Length along automatic coupling engagement axes, mm 12020
Assigned service life, years 18