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Four-wheel bogie model 18-100, type 2 GOST 9246-2013

The 18-100 model four-wheel bogie, type 2, is manufactured according to GOST 9246-2013 and designed to roll up under freight railway cars and forms their undercarriages.

The bogie structure provides for traversing curve track with minimum radius of 60 m.

The bogie provides for the operation of cars on mainline railroads of 1520 mm track gage within the temperature range from plus 45 to minus 60 °C and allows modification for the 1435 mm track gage.

Parameter names Parameter value
Maximum design wheelset-to-rails static load, kN (ton-force) 230,5 (23,5)
Bogie assembly weight, kg, 4805/4821*
Distance from rail heads to level of center bowl bearing surface in free state, mm 806
Distance between longitudinal axes of side bearers, m 1524
Length of bogie wheelbase, mm, maximum 1850
Distance between longitudinal axes of spring sets, m 2036
Design static deflection of bogie suspension in cars with maximum design weight, mm 54,2
Center bowl diameter, mm, 300
Center bowl depth, mm, 30
Design speed, km/h 120
Clearance limit as per GOST 9238 02-ВМ

* The weight in the denominator is listed for bogies of 100.00.000-1 design fit with an automatic mode beam