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Gondola car 12-132

Universal eight-wheel gondola car with end walls and hatches in deck is designed for network-wide use on the railroads for 1,520 mm rail gage to carry mass non-aggressive cargo not requiring cover from precipitation: poured non-powder, loaded, stacked and piece products.

Parameter names Parameter value
Loadingcapacity, t 69,5
Containerweight, t 24±0,5
Volume, m3 88
Length along automatic coupling engagement axes, mm 13920
Base of gondola car, mm 8650
Height of gondola car from level of rail top to top cord, mm 3780
Height of automatic coupling axle from level of rail top, mm 1040-1080
Gondola car width by vertical braces, mm 3158
Car body internal dimensions, mm
- length along top cords in the clear 12750
- width along top cords in the clear 2911
- height 2365
Size of unloading hatches in the clear, mm 1540x1327
Maximum design statical load from wheel set on tracks, kN (ton-force) 230 (23,5)
Clearance limit as per GOST 9238
- of body 1-ВМ
- of bogie 02-ВМ
Design speed, km/h 120, maximum
Assignedservicelife, years 22