Retractable belt conveyor

Retractable belt conveyors are designed for only horizontal conveyance of loose and lump materials (coal, iron-ore concentrates, lump iron ore, limestone, slime etc.) with maximum lump size of up to 400 mm when charging and blending of materials in bins and store areas.

The conveyors are divided into traversing conveyors - the discharging is performed in stationary position and it's motion is produced upon the loading of bins and storage areas; and shuttle conveyors - unloaded when conveyor is reciprocating.

Characteristic Characteristic Value
Belt travel speed up to 3,15 m/s
Belt width B, mm 1600
Output, t/hour 1300
Tensioner Screw
Type of reducer Chosen on the basis of the design and force calculation
Electric motor power, kW According to calculation
Voltage, V 380…660
Loaded belt section shape 30 degrees
Upper rollers fastener Rigid roller carriage
Rollers diameter, mm 108–194
Drive drum diameter, mm 500–800
Deflecting and tension drum diameter, mm 400
Drums length, mm 1150–2200