The stackers transfer incoming material from store yard conveyor belt to a boom conveyor and stack it on a storage platform in a special way. Non rotating single-boom stackers form a long stack at one side of a feed conveyor in “chevron” method or by cone way with subsequent stepwise displacement along the unloading line until forming a pile of complete shape. Rotating single-boom stackers, as opposed to nonrotating ones, are enabled to form a stack from any side of a feed conveyor and not only in chevron way but also in tracks (bars). In this case the influence of material segregation by fineness in the plane of pile cross section is reduced. Double-boom stackers are enabled to form piles both from the right side and from the left side of a store yard conveyor and on both sides simultaneously.

Parameters description Single-boom rotating stacker У1СП Single-boom nonrotating stacker У1СН Double-boom stacker
Technical capacity not more than, t/hour 4500 6000 6000
Gauge, m up to 10 up to 10 up to 10
Boom length, m up to 58 up to 50 up to 50
Power supply:
connection flexible cable flexible cable flexible cable
voltage, kW 0,4 or 6,0 0,4 or 6,0 0,4 or 6,0
frequency, Hz 50 50 50