Forged steel work rolls for hot rolling mills

Forged work rolls from carbon tool steel are notable for high hardness and wear resistance. Depending on operation conditions resistance to fire cracking formation, as well as high stability to surface cleavage formation particularly at high and uneven pressure on roll barrel surface are provided via complex chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloying. Roll ends may be either wobbler-shape, flat, cylindrical (with spline grooves or key grooves).

Rolls type Barrel dimensions, mm Steel grade Max. possible hardness of barrel / necks Max weight, t
max diameter max length
Work rolls for hot rolling mills 1400 3150 50; 55; 55Х; 40ХН; 45Х5МФ; 45Х5МФА; EBR42; 50ХН; 60ХН; 60ХГ; 75ХМ; 75ХМФ; 75ХМФА; 75Х2МФ; 75ХЗМФА (75ХЗМФ1); 75ХЗМФН; 8Х2СГФ (75Х2СГФ); 8Х2СГФ1А: 90ХФ(9ХФ); 9X1; 9X2; 9ХМФ (90ХМФ); 9Х2МФ; 9ХЗМФ; 9Х5МФ 425 HB 32