Cast-iron rolls for section rolling mills

Alloyed rolls for section rolling mills posses carbide-graphite-pearlitic structure. Chromium additions increase layer depth and hardness, nickel additions increase toughness and disperse the metal structure further. The usage of nodular iron makes possible to obtain higher roll durability. Rolls have high operating characteristics that mainly depend on their hardness, durability and thermal resistance of material. Ends of roll can be in the form of wobblers (four-spoon type, cross-shaped, blade type). Cast-iron rolls, which are delivered to a customer, are artificially aged during manufacturing. They do not require natural aging and can be put into operation directly after delivery.

Rolls type Barrel dimensions, mm Cast iron grade Max. possible hardness of barrel / necks Weight, t
max diameter max length
Hot rolling mills Work rolls 1100 2200 СПХНМ-59…60; ПХНМ-50; СПХНМ-47; СПХНМ-45;СПХНМ-42; СПХН-60; СПХН-59; СПХН-55; СПХН-51; СПХН-50; СПХН-48…49; СПХН-45; СПХН-43; СПХН-41; СПХН- 40; СШХНМД-55; СШХНМД-50; СШХНД-50; СШХНМ-60; СШХНМ-55; СШХНМ-50; СШХНМ-46; СШХНМ-45; СШХНМ-42; СШХНМ-40; СШХН- 55; СШХНФ-55; СШХН-50…51; СШХНФ-50; СШХН-47; СШХНФ-47; СШХН-43…45; СШХН-41; СШХН-40 70 HSD 10