Compound (sleeved) rolls

Sleeved rolls posses a number of advantages over traditional solid-cast rolls due to their high technical and economic efficiency and operational reliability. Forged and especially high-carbon cast structure, changing by means of heat treatment and bulk of carbides of alloy elements, provide high and uniform hardness wear resistance across the width of bandage. In conjunction with reliable original fit manner on roll mandrel banded rolls successfully rival on stability with other roll types.

Main characteristics Parameters
Steel grades of sleeves
Forged 75ХМФ; 9ХФ; 90ХМФ
Cast 150ХНМЛ
Sleeve dimensions
Barrel diameter (min … max), mm 750 … 1600
Barrel length (min … max), mm 500 … 2400
Sleeve hardness
Forged 60 … 80 HSD
Cast 269 … 360 НВ
Roll weight, kg
3000…45 000