Forged steel work rolls for cold rolling mills

Forged steel work rolls for cold rolling mills are made of alloy steels. Large complex of heat treatment provides necessary mechanical properties for hardened layer by means of uniform finegrained structure formation. Surface induction heat treatment provides hardened working layer with high wear resistance. Final stabilizing heat treatment decreases and compensates thermal residual stresses.

Rolls type Barrel dimensions, mm Steel grade Max. possible hardness of barrel / necks Max weight, t
max diameter max length
Work rolls for cold rolling mills 700 3150 45Х5МФА; EBR42; 60ХСМФ; 60Х2СМФ; 70Х2СМФ; 65Х5МФ; 75ХМ; 75ХМФ; 75ХМФА; 75Х2МФ; 75ХЗМФА (75ХЗМФ1); 75ХЗМФН; 8Х2СГФ (75Х2СГФ); 8Х2СГФ1А; 8ХЗСГФ; 8ХЗСМФ; 90ХФ(9ХФ); 9X1; 9X2; 9ХМФ (90ХМФ); 9Х2МФ; 9ХЗМФ; 9Х5МФ (90Х5МФ) 102/55 HSD 12