Complete continuous casting machines

“Yuzhno-Uralskiy Heavy Engineering” manufactures and delivers the complete continuous casting machines from several hundreds up to several thousands tones in weight to the Customer. The over machines have been designed to produce the following steel castings:

  • profiled billets of 100 х 100…200 х 200 mm cross-section;
  • blooms of 210…350 х 210…470 mm cross-section;
  • slabs 150…250 х 500…2500 mm cross-section;
  • round bars of 150…600 mm diameter.

Various steel grades are acceptable for casting, ranging from ordinary carbon steel grades to rail, bearing, electrical-sheet and highalloyed ones. The over steel grades are cast in the ladles from 10 up to 25 tones in capacity. CCM capacity can be from 50.000 up to 1.500.000 tones of castings a year in accordance with the Customer’s request. Our specialists worked out and successfully use up-to-date strategy of CCM unit revamping.