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Oleg Vladimirovich Shevchenko, Director General.

Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant is a modern manufacturing facility that produces freight cars, electric heating and welding equipment.

The enterprise manufactures covered railcars (models 11-9962, 11-9962-01), drop bottom gondola cars (model 12-132), 80-feet fitting platforms (model 13-9975), 40-feet universal platforms (model 13-9990-01), molten sulfur rail tank cars (model 15-9544), freight bogies (models 18-100, 18-194-1) and our own wheel pairs.

Also manufactured were pilot batches of 1435 mm track dumpcars (model 31-1556) and hopper wagons (model 19-9963) for delivery to consumers in the far abroad.       

The company continuously increases the assortment of manufactured products. Currently work is underway to certify and start production of freight platforms for transportation of coiled steel (models 13-9599-01, 13-9599-02), gondola cars of higher capacity (model 12-196-01), and innovative covered railcars of increased holding capacity (model 11-6882).

In 2016 the enterprise intends to start producing specialized rail tank cars for sulfuric acid, oleum, liquefied gases, oil and benzene products and methanol, and universal innovative higher capacity rail tank cars for 57 different chemicals.


Technical capabilities of the company manufacturing facilities make it capable of producing both a broad range of freight-car products and other heavy machinery as well.

High professionalism of NMZ JSC design department, which works in close cooperation with Science and Engineering Center of RailTransHolding Management Company LLC, allows the company to meet the needs of most demanding customers, offering them services in design and production of efficient high-quality products.

The enterprise works on introducing a quality management system in accordance with the international ISO standards.

The plant always welcomes mutually beneficial cooperation and reliable long-term relationships with other designers and manufacturers of railroad equipment.


Link to JSC Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant

Grin Andrey Alexandrovich, Director

The Armavir Machine-Building Plant, branch of Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant is located in the city of Armavir, Krasnodar Krai, Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation. It is a modern competitive machine-building plant, which produces freight cars, strain-gauge balances for weighing large vehicles and railcars.

The plant has certified production of covered railcars (model 11-1807, body volume 138 m3) and covered railcars (model 11-9962, body volume 157.5 m3) with improved operational characteristics.  Building is in full command of strain-gauge balances for static weighing of heavy duty trucks of scale capacity of 40, 60 and 80 tons, and of freight railcars with scale capacity of 150 tons.

In 2016 the plant intends to expand production of freight railcars, such as covered railcars of 11-9962-01 model with increased carrying capacity, innovative railcar of 11-6882 model with its body volume of 161 m3 and 11-6891 model of increased holding capacity of 202 m3.

The plant will also begin producing truck strain-gauge balances to meet the market demand for axle weighing of vehicles in motion.

The Armavir Machine-Building Plant, branch of Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant is located in the city of Armavir is a modern machine-building plant that manufactures freight railcars. It features:

- a team of professionals, responsible and disciplined;

- sports an innovative mindset that promotes an ongoing development program and facilitates  implementing every adopted solution - from ideas to results;

- traditions and mutual responsibility of managers and staff for the quality of their products produced using cutting-edge technologies;

- partnership with suppliers and consumers in the spirit of goodwill and mutual guarantees;

- capability to manufacture the entire range of products and do fast changeovers to new ones.

The enterprise equipment and technology can cope with manufacturing a broad range of heavy machinery and equipment.

The plant was founded and started working in 1977 as a manufacturer of heavy duty scales. In 2003-2005 the enterprise was refurbished to produce freight railcars: box cars, gondola cars, open freight cars, PCCs.

To succeed in designing cutting-edge products the plant relies on many years of experience in freight-car building and cooperates closely with the Science and Engineering Center of RailTransHolding Management Company LLC, an expert design and construction center in freight car manufacturing.

AMZ pays special attention to hiring and retaining staff, creating staff reserves, in-service training of workers and engineers and social support of plant employees.

Company products are sold in the Russian Federation and FSU countries. The enterprise cooperates effectively with its customers by meeting all its contractual obligations and manufacturing high quality products. 

Certification of Products and Quality / Business Management System

Policy and thrusts of activity at LLC MC RailTransHolding in the sphere of quality.

The high quality of its products – and its continuous improvement – are the basic terms for expansion and the conquering of domestic and foreign target markets. The quality policy in place at LLC MC RailTransHolding complies with the Holding’s mission, forms part of its General Policy, and reflects strategic targets, tasks and core activity areas that ensure the achievement of stable success and the image of a reliable, continuously-developing enterprise.

Management assumes the responsibility and obligations entailed in implementing the Quality Policy, ensuring QMS compliance with applicable requirements, increasing the effectiveness of efforts aimed at product-quality assurance throughout their entire life-cycle, preventing deviations from assigned requirements, and ensuring the efficient use of financial and other resources.
Business Management System – IRIS.

The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) covers such enterprise activity aspects as project management, competitive bids and modifications, as well as the operational indicators of products, their quality, reliability and safety.
The introduction of IRIS allows railway-engineering enterprises to increase their business efficiency, improve the quality and reliability of their railway products, modify their existing system for inspection-and-acceptance tests and multi-level audits, and increase overall productivity – including cost reduction across the entire supply chain.

The Russian market for railway engineering products is dynamically developing and boasts tremendous investment prospects. To satisfy increasing economic demand for railway transportation services, brand new railway equipment is required. It can be developed based on innovative approaches and recognized business-control methods.

LLC MC RailTransHolding pays great attention to issues of product certification and the introduction of progressive control methods. In March 2012, a decision to carry out training in freight-car certification within Certification System of the Federal Railway Transport (CS FRT) according to the procedures of FBO RC FRT (Federal Budgetary Organization "Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport") was made at the meeting of the Board of Directors (Protocol No. 7). To this end, in May 2012, the company’s certification specialists took part in a training seminar carried out by IRIS General Manager Bernard Kaufmann on the issue of the standard’s introduction, culminating in the issuance of the corresponding certificates of completion.

Moreover, this decision was imposed by an order issued by JSC Russian Railways Administration, which has set a strategic mission aimed at the quality improvement of the technical equipment used within the infrastructure of JSC Russian Railways. Within the timeframe established by Company President V.I. Yakunin, the procurement of railway equipment and components at enterprises certified for compliance with IRIS requirements is expected to commence in 2015.