Project and research activities


Alexander Vitalyevich Litvinenko, Ph.D., D.Eng., Head of Science and Engineering Center

The Company Science and Engineering Center is a structural subdivision of the Holding that works on solving strategic issues of scientific and technical development of the Holding to produce new competitive freight railcars employing modern materials and cutting-edge technologies.

Principal areas of activities of the Center include:

  • Pre-design and production of full sets of project design and operational documentation for new freight cars.

  • Developing measures to improve and upgrade mass-produced types of freight cars.
  • Expert and analytical activities in railcar building.
  • Collaboration with research, testing and expert centers in the field of railcar building to promote their effective interaction in manufacturing new freight cars.

  • Development of comprehensive target programs and projects for technical retrofit and upgrades of freight railcar manufacturing enterprises that belong to the Holding.

  • Handling patent materials in the Holding, guaranteeing patentability and patent purity of design documentation, inventions, processes and products in the companies of the Holding.

  • Drafting applications for patent protection of new priority technical solutions and their implementation according to the license.

  • Methodological support of freight-car manufacturing enterprises of the Holding in the process of certifying and declaring products for compliance with the technical requirements of the Customs Union.
  • Joint work with accredited development and coordination testing centers of RZhD OJSC subdivisions on various programs and methods of preliminary, acceptance, qualification and maintenance testing of products by freight car manufacturing enterprises and their implementation.