RTH-Logistic CJSC

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Alexander Vladimirovich Shapovalov, Director General.

RTH-Logistic CJSC provides services in rail logistics and operates rail rolling stock.

The total rolling stock fleet of the company exceeds 48,000 units.

RTH-Logistic CJSC is a part of RailTransHolding Management Co, LLC, a group of machine-building, railway and automobile companies providing a broad range of transport, logistics and manufacturing services. The company offers a comprehensive range of high-quality services at every stage of life cycle of railway machinery, from design of new products and production of rolling stock to maintaining, repairing and operating the fleet.

In the end of 2015 RTH-Logistic CJSC increased significantly its fleet of rolling stock, becoming one of top 5 Russian operators with its solid position on the market of freight transportation. The company fleet totals over 48,000 units, which means a more than 30% build-up from its 2015 average.

Most of the company fleet is universal rolling stock. Today RTH-Logistic CJSC manages some 35,000 universal freight railcars, 71.2% of its total fleet, which has grown by 11,500 units year on year.

RTH-Logistic also has a broad assortment of specialized rolling stock (more than 14,000 units, or 28.8% of its total fleet). These include rail tank cars (for gas, oil, benzene and sulfuric acid), open freight cars (fitting, universal and timber), mineral hopper cars, cement hopper cars, and autorack cars.

Despite the decline on the freight transportation market, RTH-Logistic is developing dynamically and steadily, retaining high growth and development rates and bringing in large highly profitable customers.

The main advantages of the company include its large share on the market of large-capacity box cars (more than 23%), plus the fact that its fleet is one of the newest on the market (the average age is less than 5 years), which allows for quality services to our clients.

RailTransAsia LLP

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RailTransAsia (RTA) LLP was founded in the Republic of Kazakhstan by RailTransHolding Management Company and represents its interests in Asia and Pacific Asia.

RailTransAsia LLP operates in the following areas:

  • Transportation and forwarding services;
  • International trade operations: barter, leasing, mediation, re-export, commercial representations, consulting for the Kazakh and foreign companies;
  • Import and export of products, operations, and services;
  • Consulting in the field of business activities and management;
  • Leasing and subleasing of railcars;
  • Sale of railcar plant products by the Novozybkovsky Machine-Building Plant OJSC, the Armavir Machine-Building Plant OJSC, as well as the MK ORMETO-YuUMZ OJSC South Urals Plant of Heavy Machine-Building.

Today the company is ready to offer a broad range of rolling stock products:

  • Hatchway gondola cars;
  • Closed-bottom gondola cars;
  • Covered railcars;
  • Oil and benzene rail tank cars;
  • Gas cisterns;
  • Mineral hopper cars;
  • 40 feet container open freight cars;
  • 80 feet container open freight cars;
  • Timber open freight cars;
  • Universal open freight cars;
  • Sulfuric acid cisterns;
  • Autorack cars.