General information

RailTransHolding Management Limited Liability Company (RailTransHolding MC LLC) was founded in 2011. It is a group of companies that includes enterprises of heavy machine-building, railroad and automobile sectors providing a broad range of production, transport and logistical services.

RailTransHolding Group of Companies introduces new and effective cutting-edge methods of organizing rail and truck cargo operations; it manufactures, repairs and services rolling stock, diversifying the number of railcars and their makes and producing a broad range of heavy machine-building products.

Main Strategic Development Areas:

  • Increasing the rolling stock fleet;
  • Developing its own production facilities to produce gondola, box, open freight and rail tank cars and other railroad equipment;
  • Designing and producing innovative rolling stock;
  • Developing heavy machine-building;
  • Diversifying business scope;
  • Developing company own repair and maintenance facilities;
  • Improving technical servicing, repair and maintenance services for rolling stock.

RailTransHolding MС LLC is a dynamically developing company featuring stable high development indicators.

Enterprise: Limited Liability Company Management Company RailTransHolding

Abbreviated Name: LLC MC RailTransHolding

Industry Branch: Railway

Core Business Activity: Production of railway cars, leasing of rolling stock, operation of rolling stock, repair of rolling stock, automotive transportation

Corporate Management: Administration

CEО: Shpak Sergey Alexandrovich

Postal Address: 18, Prospekt Andropova, bld. 1, 12th floor, BC Newton, Moscow, 115432, Russian Federation

Legal Address: 18, Prospekt Andropova, bld. 1, room 11, office XV, Moscow, 115432, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (495) 921-05-71